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"South of the Border" by Oliver Stone (2009)

via Wikipedia . "I think Hugo Chávez is an extremely dynamic and charismatic figure. He's open and warmhearted and big, and a fascinating character. But when I go back to the States I keep hearing these horror stories about 'dictator,' 'bad guy,' 'menace to American society.' I think the project started as something about the American media demonizing Latin leaders. It became more than that as we got more involved. The press in America, I think you're aware, has divided the Latin continent into the 'bad Left' and the 'good Left'. They've now listed Correa as the bad Left, along with Morales and with Chávez. They call Lula, the good Left. I don't know what they make of Kirchner yet, because they go back and forth, but I think they're turning against Kirchner more and more. You get this distinction, and I think it's a false distinction" -Oliver Stone